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Get Ready for the Shift!

A Shift is taking place in the Body of Christ!  When we think of the word shift, we think of moving to another place, position or direction.  It can mean a change to another gear. Also, it can mean to change at an unusually faster rate or refer to an event provoking change.

God wants the church to be on alert in 2015. The Body of Christ is shifting to a new position.  Change is coming even if we are not ready for change.

A shift is much like what Isaiah said, “Forget the former things (your past does not determine your future).  Do not dwell on the past.  He is doing a new thing!  Now it springs up, do you not perceive it?”  There are different types of shifts.  They can be “physical” or “spiritual”.

In Genesis 12: Abraham had to change his location in order to receive the promise.  If he remained where he was and did not move forward, he would have offset his Destiny!    This was a Physical Shift.

In Acts 9: Saul was converted from a nonbeliever to a devout Christian. God also changed his name and Paul was now on the path to Purpose!    This was a Spiritual Shift.

Sometimes when God is doing a new thing (shift), we do not recognize it. That is why he requires us to be alert.  We must have our eyes and ears open to see and to hear what He is doing.

Think “SHIFT” for 2015.  This is the year of Reposition, Relocation, and Reassignment!


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