Get Your House In Order!

In every house, there must be order. It usually starts at the top and spirals downward. In our physical homes, the man is usually the head of the house.  He is the priest and the preserver of order.  Without order, there is no structure or stability in the home.  

As the head of the house, he can’t live out of order and expect order to prevail in his house.  From our house, to the church house, the school house, even in the court house, there must be order!  Therefore, no one is exempt from being in order. 

In the church, God has put leaders and people in position for the work of the ministry.  Each one is dependent on the other.  Apostles, prophets, evangelist, shepherds and teachers are put in place as fivefold ministries to teach, edify, perfect, do the will of God, and keep order.  In the body of Christ, we need each other and have a role to play. Since we are the church and our physical bodies are the temples (buildings) of the living God, there must be order in our house (physical bodies).  Even though our limbs work independently, they all have a job to do for the body to work as one.

There must be order within us for the perfection and edifying of our bodies.  Likewise, we must humble ourselves by bringing our bodies and our minds under subjection.  We have to set aside sin in order to live a holy life and do the will of God.

There must be order in God’s house and in our house!



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    Shonda Hall says

    Order leads to stature. Stature leads to a great disciple.

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    Laura Radford says

    Order is so very important. Order gives you the ability to hear Gods voice clearly. With order you have chaos. That’s why God created the heaves and the earth to bring about order in the vast mess of confusion and darkness.

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