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SUBJECT: “The Secret to Unanswered Prayers”

SUBJECT: “The Secret to Unanswered Prayers”
SCRIPTURE: Mark 11:25-26, Matthew 5:23-24

Why would an all-loving, all-powerful God not answer your prayer? It’s a question that you may have asked at some point in your life. Why is God silent in response to my petitions? There are some things that you have been praying for, but have yet to receive an answer from God.

How can I get an answer to my prayers?

When you pray, remember to first take yourself to the altar. When you stand in prayer, FORGIVE. FORGIVENESS is the key! Forgiveness is a gift you give to yourself.

Often we make it off of mercy. Let go of unforgiveness. Sometimes unforgiveness will bring on sickness. When you pick it (unforgiveness) back up, it attaches to you; you own it again. You need to walk away from whatever it is that you let go of and leave it behind. It wasn’t as valuable as you thought.

“My flesh is weak but the spirit man overrides my flesh”.

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