“Waiting On Him”

Psalms 55:22(AMP) – “Cast your burden on the Lord (release it) and he will sustain and uphold you; He will never allow the righteous to be shaken (slip, fall, fail).”

Waiting on anything in life can be a test of our patience.  But waiting on God is a test of our faith.  Our faith in Him includes having faith in His timing.  We must trust in His timing, rely on His promises, wait for His answers, believe in His Word, rejoice in His goodness, and worship in His presence.  Our God is an “OnTime God.” He knows what we need and when we need it.  A lot of our waiting on Him is a result of tests we go through.  We have to wait on him while we put all of our cares and weights of this world on His shoulders.  A lot of the cares and battles that we endure are not ours, they’re His!  So often, it’s not the ability to wait, but it’s how we’re acting while we’re waiting.

While waiting we have to put our complete trust in Him.  If God is making us wait, then we’re in good company. In the Bible, Joseph waited 13 years, Abraham waited 25 years, Moses waited 40 years, and Jesus waited 30 years.  How long you’ll have to wait is a question that only God can answer.   During the waiting period, He’s molding us, shaping us, and making us equipped to be used by Him.  Our waiting is never time wasted.  He eventually “weighs” our results by judging how we allowed patience to possess our souls and how we came through the test.


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    Laura Radford says

    God I am waiting on you. Lord help me, while I’m waiting.

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    Shonda Hall says

    Blessed reading

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